Tips on Selecting Your Image


So what is the best way to select that special photograph for your beautiful photo image purse? Well just read along for some tips that will help you make that decision...

1- What is that favorite photo that just keeps sticking out in your mind? Is it hanging on a wall, is it in a frame displayed in one of your favorite rooms? If so this might make a great photo for your purse.

2- Emotion... do one of your photographs display emotion that has that "aww factor"? Does the photo have special meaning of kids, marriage, first kiss, your wedding day an anniversary? If so then these ideas may prompt you to choose a photo.

3- Is your photo of that perfect scene of a sunset or other scenic view that just looks so good that you want to share it with the world. Perhaps that photo that reminds you of that perfect day?

In the end it is really about that one photo that is just about your heart and what you love most.... that is the image that you should select.

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