The Custom Degas Purse

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New Orleans Photo Image Purse
A hand made purse featuring a montage of New Orleans iconic images

Custom New Orleans Scenic Graphic Purse... Degas has a connection to New Orleans having visited the city for an extended stay. Many of his family still live in New Orleans and run the Degas House which is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year. The "NOLA" Purse features photo art captured and Photoshopped by C. Mackenroth.



Edgar Degas - French Impressionist Painter  1834-1917

The "Degas Purse" (top photo), features one of the artist's famous paintings on both sides of the purse, "Ballet Dancers in The Wings". This is one of our stock purses that we are happy to present to our customers. Great for an evening out and sure to class up any outfit that you wear. Our "Degas Art Purse" is one of our stock "Photo Purses" featuring the famous painters work. Place your image on one of our exclusive "Photo Image Purses" and you might become famous too! 😉

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