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This article is about “Cell Phone Zombies” who drive while talking or texting on their cell phones. You know, the lovely folks who sit at a light after its been green for about 30 seconds and you have to lean on your horn to get them to move. So… what does this have to do with purses you might ask? Well when I’m driving I keep my cell phone in my clutch purse or bag and not in my hands while I’m driving…. thus the purse connection. This might be a better idea than you might think….read on!


This article was not written by an attorney and we are not here to give you legal advice… just a common sense approach to an on going problem.

So here is a nice little fact… The National Safety Council has reported that over 30% of all car crashes in the US occurred because of drivers texting or talking on their phones (in other words distracted driving). Texting and driving is considered to be worse than drunk driving as far as accident causality is concerned’ and it appears that cell phone use during accidents is widely under-reported, so the proportion could be even higher. We have looked around the Internet and found out more and more that cell phone use while driving has caused in increase in traffic accidents and deaths… so sad!

Its easy to spot someone texting and driving…. its a cross between an elderly person and someone who is mildly drunk. It has a definite “look” to it … not quite old… not quite drunk… just a jerk texting while driving, meandering left and right while trying to drive center of the road.

So.. What is Your liability if you cause an accident if you are texting and talking?

First off there are many if not most states where it is illegal to text and drive, Louisiana is one of those states but you rarely see it being enforced (unless you cause an accident). So if you cause an accident while doing this its not going to come out well for you nor the person who was injured by the accident. If you get into an accident with such a person using their cell phone make sure to tell the police about it, that the other party was on their cell phone at the time. It isn’t than much of a stretch to have the cell numbers record checked to see if that phone was active during the accident.

The Nasty End Results of Being A Cell Phone Zombie Caught on Video

Below is a video from ABC News showing real time accidents of teens using their cell phones while driving… its an eye opener.

One Interesting Way of Dealing With This Aggravation

True story… I have heard of one lady who holds up a sign when stopped for a light for the “Cell Phone Zombi” to see… it says “Get off Your Effen Phone”! That is to the point isn’t it? While this may work to an extent it can also turn out violent if its done to the wrong person. After all when you think about it, a Cell Phone Zombie is one of those people who really doesn’t care about what you or anyone else thinks when they are on the public roadway with others, if they did they wouldn’t make such a nuisance of themselves on the road now would they?

Our simple advice? Keep it in Your Purse

If you keep your cell phone in your purse or bag this can’t happen…. your liability rate and chances of causing an accident go way down, simple but true. Isn’t it interesting what a lifesaver a purse can be? If your call is that important, take your phone out of your purse, pull over into a parking lot and talk away. And for guys the same old advice still applies… keep it in your pants (your cell phone that is). 😉

The bottom line here of course is to do your best to keep your eyes open and drive defensively while on the road.

Thanks for listening, The Management… let us know what you think by commenting below.

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