About Us

joe and celeste

Our Artistic Approach

We are artistic people at heart who love to design hand craft new things. The "Photo Art Purse" that is displayed on our Website is one of them. The "Photo Art Purse" for example began life when a purse that I received as a gift featured a realistic looking camera on it. The purse always received a lot of attention and so we thought that maybe we should make our own version. I first we tried taking a few of the common plastic "clam shell" style purse and see what we could do with it…. the answer was not too much and it also looked like everything else that was out there already.

So we started thinking about how we could craft a photo purse using local materials that wouldn't require us to wait forever to get quality materials. After about three months our current design emerged! It was more than what we had hoped for as it became a purse that could be so personal and unique because every purse could tell a story via a personal photograph.

The "Photo Image Purse" became such a unique crafted product. Each one is different because it represents a personal photo story or personal art that says something to those that use it and those who see it. When people receive their purse order they treat it as if it were going to be a family heirloom and frankly its about the nicest complement that we ever receive.

Thanks, J. Mack and C. Mack

Your Art Meets Fashion... our name means placing your amazing photo on our exclusive, hand crafted purse!
Any Photo or Art Image of Yours Can Adorn Our Purse! Photos of Family, Old Wedding Day Images, Pets, Art, Anything That You Love!
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