Please Note that the regular price of our hand made in USA purses is $74.95 and that the price reflected on each purse now represents $10.00 off each purchase! This $10.00 off sale will end on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018 - Thank You

King Cake Purse

It's Mardi Gras Season! Our one of a kind King Cake Purse is a great way to step out and celebrate Mardi Gras. $64.95

Pink Camera Purse

Our Beautiful Camera Purse gets a lot of notice. The old "film style camera" is displayed on both sides of our purse with a pink hue. A very classy look for a purse that can be used for just bout any event. $64.95

Fleur de lis Purse!

More Mardi Gras! Our custom Fleur de lis purse is colorful and all New Orleans - $64.95

"The Girls" Bridal Purse!

"The Girls" Bridal Purse has very classy high heeled shoes featured in a row with a bridal bouquet. The deep pink coloring is just very cool, perfect for almost any bridal occasion or as a gift for Bridesmaids. - $64.95

Classic New Orleans Purse

Classic New Orleans Purse features original photo images and Photoshopping artistry by Celeste - $64.95

Below is a collection of a few of the other custom purses that we have crafted as well as a video

Purse, Photo Purse
Place Your Image or Graphic on Our Purse to Create a Truly Unique One of a Kind Fashionable Purse!
Your Art Meets Fashion... our name means placing your amazing photo on our exclusive, hand crafted purse!
Any Photo or Art Image of Yours Can Adorn Our Purse! Photos of Family, Old Wedding Day Images, Pets, Art, Anything That You Love!

About Our Purses

Make Sure To View Our Video To The Right

"Your Art Meets Fashion" is our way of saying that your cool photography or art needs to to be liberated from your computer, cell phone or wall and be treated like the art it is for all the world to see. Our hand made products are truly one of a kind and allow you to share you beautiful image with the world. Our customers always report how happy they are at the wonderful comments that they get from people.

While many purses are made in China, our clutch style purses are only sold here at Your Art Meets Fashion because we designed and hand crafted it in the United States. We also sell some of our own art designs on our unique "Photo Imaging Purse" which may also be found on our Website, so feel free to look around!


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